Get Back to
Balanced Health

with Live Love Ayurveda.

Ancient Wisdom for Balanced Well-being!

Ancient Wisdom for balanced wellbeing ..

From poor digestion, to anxiety and insomnia, it’s no secret that our highly-developed times have meant our mind and bodies have taken a hit.
Thankfully, the ancient holistic wisdom of Ayurveda has many simple practices to help regain balance in our busy, modern lives.

Through health consultations, personalised programmes and wellness services, Live Love Ayurveda offers a platform to support and help bring you back to balanced health & well-being — your true nature!

Ayurvedic Nutrition & Wellness

Live Love Ayurveda offers private Ayurvedic Consultations to address personal health concerns.

Through an ayurvedic consultation, Michelle will establish your mind-body type (dosha) and look at your current state of health, diet and lifestyle patterns to pin point any areas of “imbalance”
You will emerge with a “personalised wellness programme” which will
include; Ayurvedic nutrition, natural remedies, daily routines,  self-care and herbal formulas to support and bring you back into your natural state of balanced health & well-being.
specialist areas include:
+ stress & anxiety
+ digestive health issues
+ skin complaints
+ disturbed sleep


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